At CafePress, you can upload your own images and place them on a vaiety of products, like t-shirts, curtains, pillows, and much more.
Canva is an online graphic editor, where you can create custom graphics for your projects. Get a free account and try it out.
Domain registration and website hosting is cheap and easy at NameCheap. This is where I host all my sites.
4Shared is an online file server with 15GB of free storage; a great place for temporary storage or sharing of large files.
MediaFire is another good online file server, with 10GB of storage on a free account. Made for sharing and temporary storage of large files
OpenDrive is a Cloud storage server with very reasonable rates, and the tools for full control over access to your files.
UsersCloud gives unlimited storage space on a free account, but is supported by somewhat annoying ads.
This page is intended to be viewed as an inset element of the BI Prokop website. The website is built using iframes, and because of this there is a possibility of each inset page being orphaned from the main website, especially when indexed by search engines. To address this issue, these pages have been created to be viewed as a stand-alone page as well, with  a link providing access back to the main website.

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