This site is intended to act as a Dynamic Business Card, representing the various services and products that I offer publicly:

  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Web Search Services - Let me find it for you
  • LED Lighting - Custom desiged for your needs
  • Custom Tools - What do you need?
  • Graphic Arts - Icons, buttons, animations, etc.
  • Custom Electronics Design and Fabrication
  • Process Efficiency Analysis - Can it work better?
  • Individual Tutoring - What do YOU want to learn?
This site was built using SiteSpinner Pro; as with most of my websites, it is a purely organic creation,where the design develops as it is being built. It's just how I create.

See Structure for more about how this site is built.
Certified Organic Website
This page is intended to be viewed as an inset element of the BI Prokop website. The website is built using iframes, and because of this there is a possibility of each inset page being orphaned from the main website, especially when indexed by search engines. To address this issue, these pages have been created to be viewed as a stand-alone page as well, with  a link providing access back to the main website.

Thank you for your interest
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This site was built using iframes for navigation. The main page loads once, and all other content pages load within this windowed iframe.

There are a variety of styles throughout this site; it is intended to showcase that variety.

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The Help and Creations pages use a second nested iframe to display various additional content pages.

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I am a self-taught Web Entrepreneur, specializing in Website Design and Graphic Arts.

I also design and build custom tools and equipment.

I enjoy gardening, philosophy, and self-studies of all kinds.

I collect movies, music, and eBooks. I "surf deep" on the web and find all kinds of "treasures", earning a family nickname that would later lend itself to my Browser Shark website.

I was born in the year of the (Wood) Dragon, and I am Virgo to my very core.